Mother’s Day

On Mother's Day I was the first to wake, which was a surprise for two reasons A. Ralph ALWAYS wakes before 6am and B. I had an afternoon with the girls the day before and more bubbles and cocktails were consumed then totally necessary….but there I was enjoying a precious moment of calm taking in Ralph's sleeping face as he was snuggled in the family bed, snoozing with his head on my tummy. It was already the best first Mother's Day.

Big D made me a delicious breakfast of eggs, salmon and asparagus, which was shared with a grumpy, cranky Ralph in the morning sunshine….I think someone needs to pull the little fella to one side and explain that on Mother's Day no tantrums allowed!

We picked up my new bike and i shakily rode it home before we ventured into the city were we ate icecream, listened to some beautiful jazz and found the most perfect little cafe tucked away in the museum. Ralph laughed and smiled and wriggled along to the music always staying close by without any thought of wandering away. The sun shone all day and we were so happy to stay outdoors, enjoying the autumn temperature after a soggy week of storms.

^^^i was trying to get Ralph to look at the camera and smile at the same time^^^

For me, i've come to realise that being a mother is just 'being me'. I'm going to make mistakes, I'm likely to screw up sometimes (but hopefully not big enough that anyone will notice!), i have girlfriends that are mothers all around me and we all parent differently and are happy not to judge each other (which is such a great feeling of support!) Everyday I get a crazy feeling when i look at Ralph and think 'WOW we made you dude.'

I love my two guys more than any thing in the world and yep, even though we have my good days and bad I wouldn't change a thing about my little family. (Except for every Sunday to be just like this; Big D if you read this take note!)




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