My everyday week 30/05/2014

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately (i know, i bet you can smell the burning!) but to cut a very long, very worried, very stressful 'what am i going to do with my life' story short I've made the decision that I want to go back to university and do a postgraduate diploma in primary education. So most of my spare time this week has been spent putting together all the bits and bobs I needed to provide to support my application. Now all I can do is wait. Fingers and toes crossed I get accepted!

But that's not to say all of my week has been work, work, work. How about i fill you in?

I met up with some ladies from the fabulous ladies wine society. A group which I joined soley because of the super title! We ate, we drank, we laughed, we learned about grapes, we made friends. It was all very civilised until the coconut tequila came out from the drinks cupboard…..


^^^Big D saved the life of a little bee with a little sugar water. Ralph was fascinated!^^^

^^^We spent a leisurly saturday lunching with friends and their families^^^

^^^luckily we found a pub with an indoor playground. We've had some crazy stormy weather lately!^^^

^^^spilling the last of the milk nearly broke my heart midweek. I hate strong tea^^^

^^^at our Monday playgroup Ralph follows the coordinator around as she mows the lawn. He was over the moon when he got his very own mower to zoom over the grass with.^^^

^^^some serious grown up reading right there!^^^

^^^it was at this point I realised I had screwed up a chocolate & beetroot cake recipe. Way too much oil left me with a soggy mess. I really need a recipe book where all my tinkered with recipes can be kept^^^

^^^there is no getting Ralph away from his circus tent. He pulls at my hand to open the garden doors as he wakes up to get in and throw his balls around^^^

^^^a pure joy bouncing action shot^^^

Happy Friday




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