Hello, I’m still here….

Do you ever have those weeks when you have so much thinking going on in your brain it literally bursts into a million useless pieces? I've just had one of those. You would think it would mean fab blogging material, all that thinking/ pondering/ wondering but it has had the complete opposite effect. Whenever I've had a spare 10 minutes to sit down and fill you in my mind has gone blank, my creative juices dry up and then i get very easily persuaded into watching an episode of the wire, and yep it's taken me over a decade to get round to watching it.

I think we need to get back on track don't we?

so in a nutshell: Big D and I started looking into building a house which meant lots of show home visits (my favourite bit!) lots of internet research, meetings, going through finances blah blah…. It turns out finding land to build on (within our budget that isn't a million miles away from civilisation) is putting a dampner on the idea; we think we are going to wait a few more months and tackle it again when we know our areas a bit better and have more cash!

Ralph and I went on a school tour at a Steiner school which completely bowled me over, it was amazing! Knowing how we want Ralph to be educated and finding somewhere that feels right has been a huge weight off my mind!

My little sister had a beautiful baby girl at last. the newest member of the family, Isla Fay, was born on the same day that my little dude of a brother had his second major heart surgery at Alder Hey Children's hospital. he is literally the toughest dude I know! So any chance i've had i have been skyping home- gosh I really miss my family….

And finally, I got accepted to study my post grad at ECU so the search begins as Ralph will need to go to daycare for a day as luckily I was able to choose an evening class for one of my units.

Phew that feels better!





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