My everyday week 15/06/2014

My week ended as all good weeks should with Big D running amok in the kitchen with a Gordon Ramsey cook book whilst I got to relax with a very large glass of white! FYI he made a delicious chicken and vegetable pie.

This past week has been filled with glorious sunshine and we have been trying to spend as much time as possible outdoors because believe me when it rains it torrentially pours in Perth! And also after everything that's been happening lately I feel like Ralph has been neglected a little so any opportunity to do the things he likes (mainly climbing stairs) we've been doing it.

^^^Ralph climbed these stairs at Scarborough beach too many times to count^^^

^^^the king of the stairs!^^^

^^^and the apple didn't leave his hand the whole time^^^

^^^it's official I'm going back to study^^^



^^^this was the week that Ralph mastered the slide all on his own^^^

^^^Ralph and painting= a whole loada colourful mess^^^

^^^beautiful winter sunshine^^^

^^^new sunglasses for the….ummm winter!^^^

^^^our new favourite brunch place^^^

^^^say cheese^^^

^^^the sun shining down on my loves^^^

Enjoy your Sunday folks and especially to my papa who will be celebrating Father's Day




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