reflecting and the impossibility of getting a good snap

it's been a couple of months since I've posted one of these and I wish i could say that i could cover all that time between now and then but i can't and it doesn't. I can't remember that long ago so we will just have to take off from here. Here goes:

Making: pizza from scratch for the first time both dough and sauce! Mama Mia it was awesome (even Big D agreed!)

Cooking: for a one year old. Flippin' tough at times, sometimes I feel I'm never out of the kitchen. Current faves are quinoa & tofu dumplings and pasta. Lots of pasta. What can I say? the boy loves pasta!

Drinking: sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot, merlot, bubbles, the works at the Oxford hotel wine event a week last Sunday with the girls. Mucho fun!

Reading: I haven't finished a book in ages, a combination of lack of free time and my eyes cant seem to keep open past a page come evening, but I am intending on packing The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt when we go on our trip in August!

Wanting: to be sipping cocktails with friends in our Bali villa already.

Looking: forward to a visit from mother at the end of July. i have a list as long as my arm of touristy things to do and Ralph can't wait to see grandma in real life again.

Playing: safari in our living room for hours when the torrential Perth rain keeps us indoors. It's amazing how playing under a den can keep a certain little dude entertained all afternoon….

Wishing: I kept a diary. I would feel a lot more organised with one

Enjoying: eating chia seed pudding for breakfast. We make ours with almond milk and sprinkle coconut and chopped bananas on top

Waiting: for season 7 of true blood to start. Eric is so damn fine!

Liking: unexpected afternoon naps with Ralph. One minute I'm cuddling him to sleep the next I'm snoozing alongside enjoying 40 (much needed) winks. I can't cope with 4 hour nights of sleep.

Wondering: when my crappy skin will clear up! I've been trying to build up the courage to post a bare faced me but I'm pretty sure I would scare a lot of you away for ever. I'm in the process of starting my clear skin journey including skincare overhaul and new medication. We shall see how that goes.

Loving: feeling fitter than ever. Even though my day begins at a ridiculous hour in the morning I still manage to drag my ass to yoga at 8pm. All that sweating and stretching is doing me good.

Marvelling: at how lucky I am to have met such an awesome group of funny, supportive and downright awesome women. You know who you are!

Laughing: at Ralph's new found dance moves. He throws his hands up in the air and spins around whenever he hears music…..and airplanes…..

Needing: to go buy some delish cheese to go with my homemade quince paste-I hope it was worth the burnt fingers.

Smelling: Ralph. The last thing I do before putting him to bed is nuzzle my nose into his neck and take in his delicious baby smell.

Wearing: heels for dinner. At a restaurant. With friends. After 8pm. Amazing!

Noticing: that an Aussie winter and a British summer are very similar indeed

Knowing: that I really should stop reading magazines as they make me want EVERYTHING! But I can't help it, my current obsession is Real Living magazine. I really want to replace my dining table chairs with Charles Eames ones and I'm obsessing over feature walls full of pictures!

Thinking: that I really wished I had ignored Big D at dinner at the weekend and snapped away at ALL the food we ate at Meeka in Subiaco because it was absolutely amazing and so beautifully presented! He just doesn't get food snaps!

Bookmarking,: everything I want to do and see during Winter Arts Season in Perth. For a small(ish) city there is always stuff going on and that makes me happy.

Feeling: grateful for everything I have!







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