A letter to my poppy by Ralph

Hello poppy! its me Ralph i wanted to write you a happy birthday message and tell you how much I love you so mama is helping me for obvious reasons (because I'm only one and mama won't let me onto the computer)

Daddy you're the best. I love it when we go for adventures to the park and you sit me on your shoulders so I can very nearly touch the blue sky as well as see where the best slides before any other littles spot them.

I liked how you helped me to be brave in the ocean by letting me slip out of your fingers now and again so I would get dunked under water. this year i will be wearing my arm bands to the beach.

You're not very good at remembering the words from nursery rhymes but that's okay because you play with me whenever you are home and we build big towers together that i knock down. but my favourite time of the day is just after my bath when you let me jump on top of you over and over again and I like it best when we jump onto the bed at the same time. You call me a 'wrestler' but I don't know what that word means yet.

You are super funny and make me smile lots especially in the morning time when you flash those big lights at me and I wave my arms which I think is the right thing to do as mama is doing it too and you laugh.

I remember when I first started to walk and you would have your arms open wide so I would have something to aim at and now I can run into them and you spin me really fast in them but best of all you give me the best cuddles in them.

I love you daddy and I hope you have the best birthday. And if I wake up too early it's just because I'm too excited to see you again!

Love from Ralph



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