My everyday week 20/07/2014

Cripes July really is zooming on past isn't it? Firstly thank you to those that have sent me such nourishing and comforting messages regarding my last post i was completely blown away- thank you. secondly, the weather has been so glorious we've taken every opportunity we've had and packed a little rucksack full of supplies (mainly mandarins) and got ourselves outdoors before the rain decides to come back, hence i've been a wee bit lazy on the blog front apologies but I'm like a moth to a flame when the sun is shining!

It has been a whole week since i've sat down and wrote anything (apart from a shopping list but that doesn't count.) It's only a week until mother comes to visit and only two until I'm jetting off on a jet plane for some much needed R&R or craziness depending on which friend you talk too. i can't wait to see you guys!

looking back through my iphone snaps this week it seems I've been subconsciously seeking out simple pleasures in life, something which I have a tendency to overlook from time to time. but when the whole world is going mad over war, violence and murders you just need to grab those close to you and appreciate even the smallest of things. Here's a little bit of my week:

^^ralph's first taster at nursery left me with a couple of hours to kill. I spent my time wisely at Sayers sister (probably up there in my top 5 places for coffee.) enjoying a hot cappuccino, sitting in silence (something you can't do with a little one to entertain) and dreaming about my ideal home.^^

^^a morning jog with a view. the perfect day includes blue skies, surfers & sail boats.^^

^^Making Quinoa and tofu dumplings for my dumpling. Recipe here^^

^^smiley, happy, apple eating Ralph. Pure happiness on the little dudes face right there^^

^^gluten free chestnut and chocolate cake. An absolute perfect winter cake even if I do say so myself^^

^^my two loves^^

^^oh my what big hands you have!^^

^^using nature from around the garden to decorate our dining table for a lunch with friends. Big D whipped up some delish chicken and winter vegetable pies-yum^^




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