The day the parents came to visit

Pretty much as soon as we arrived in Perth (nearly a year ago!) one half of my parents (the joy of having divorced parents you suddenly get four) booked their tickets and are probably landing right about NOW!

Sure we've had bleary eyed early morning Skype chats and kept in touch about all the daily goings on but nothing compares to knowing they are going to walk through the door before sun down (unless they've been swooped by customs ala nothing to declare. Mother was in a panic over her prescription during our last Skype chat!)

My week has been spent flurrying around trying to get the house in some sort of presentable order which is pretty impossible when a certain someone is going through a throw EVERYTHING stage. What happens to us when we know our mothers are coming to visit? You would think the queen was popping round for a cup of tea the way I've been acting!

The house is clean (kind of) the boys are on the way to the airport and the bubbles are ready and waiting in the fridge…

Happy Sunday!



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