Hello from Bali

Sorry i haven't posted for a wee while what with starting uni again (more about that another time) and mother coming to visit so I got to play tour guide, time really has been getting the better of me lately. But now I can slow it down, for a week at least! 🙂

I had to pinch myself this morning. I had woken up naturally for the second morning in a row (no Ralph to be my personal alarm clock at 5am!) and I was in a huge bed in a Bali villa with some awesome friends (they were in their own beds but you get the idea!) and for the record my super duper folks are spending a whole week alone with Ralph back in OZ so I get to do non mummy stuff! (I'm not sure what that is but I hope you get the picture!)

After the big hugs, laughs and huge long over due catch ups we spent yesterday lounging by the pool drinking G&T's enjoying just being together again loving each others silly company.

Things I am loving about our holiday so far:

1. waking up to the sound of somebody else cooking for you.

2. Outdoor showers

3. Our little guest Percy the snail who's joined me in the outdoor bathroom

4. Not getting lost when Lizzie and I scoured Seminyak on our bicycles for Gin

5. Not waking up with a fuzzy head after drinking Gin

6. My new writing spot for the week

I'm not sure what we have on the cards today, there were talks of some reflexology, a surf lesson, yoga, shopping and bicycle rides but before all of that I better dash, breakfast is ready.







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