six amigos in Bali: part 1

Are you still there? Oh my I didn’t mean to be away for so long (i’m afraid i wasnt in Bali all this time, that would have been dreamy.)

You best pop the kettle on because we’ve got a ruddy load of catching up to do haven’t we? Since returning from Bali over a month ago(!)  my university course has completely taken over my life, plus all the other parts of me have been shoved aside to make way for the massive amount of work I’m expected to get through. Yoga? Forget about it! Reading anything other than course material? In your dreams! Going to bed at reasonable o’clock? Who are you kidding?! Writing to my friends? Ha, you’ll be lucky you have any left after this course! But on the plus side (there’s always gotta be a plus side) I can eat as many gingernuts biscuits as I like when working on an assignment: it’s my new rule!

But I don’t want to bore you with all of that you want to know how Bali was don’t you?

Seminyak  had a really fun and interesting vibe about the place. It was hard to put my finger on it until we left to go to Ubud for the day (more about that next time)  but it was way more crazy than I thought it would be, in every which way you can imagine and I’m kinda gutted I didn’t take pictures of every. single. thing. I saw. But that’s what happens right? You pop out for a walk and see something amazing and you haven’t got your camera- boo!

I think the highlight was simply getting to spend time with old friends (six of us shared a villa which was perfect) and what was even more awesome that Paddy and Ashley got engaged-yey!

^^^so much fun was had with these guys^^^
In between all the gin and cocktails  (i did plan on finding a yoga studio, honest!) I did manage to take a few pics of bits and bobs that caught my eye, so I think that’s the best place to start don’t you think?

(Apologies for the amount of pics that I’m about to share, turns out my eyes catch a lot…..)

^^^pretty glass decor hanging from a tree^^^

 ^^^put your own caption in there, it just made me chuckle^^^
^^^i was seeing these little colourful trays everywhere. Turns out they are symbolise a gift to the gods^^^
^^^there was street art like this pretty much everywhere^^^
^^^i love this^^^
^^^just looking at this pic makes me smile^^^
^^^loved the vibe over at Old Mans^^^
^^^the work that goes into these sculptures are out of this world^^^

^^^turns out I am crazy for coconuts^^^

^^^say cheese^^^



2 thoughts on “six amigos in Bali: part 1

    • I’m sorry for the late reply. My little blog was ditched in favour of study 😦 I’m studying for my teaching qualification (primary) as going back to PR with a little one freaked me out! I’m sure plenty do it but it wasn’t for me anymore. It was a tough decision but I think it’s going to be worth it!
      bali was amazing (probably not the best decision to go in the middle of my course) but I would love to go back. I really like Ubud. Have you been there?

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