one year on

If you told me in July that I would be so overwhelmed with study and I would have no time for anything other than reading text books, writing assignments and the occasional cup of tea and ginger nut biscuit combo, I would have laughed. Really loudly. Probably in your face.

I thought I was THE Miss Organisation Queen. Because, of course, I could handle studying for my teaching qualification whilst being a super fun mama to Ralph AND an awesome partner to Big D, AND be the ultimate chef with home cooked scrummyness from scratch at every meal, AND of course i would have time for my 3 weekly yoga sessions and jogs along the West Coast Drive, AND as if i would fall behind my Vogue magazine reading (it's my bible!) AND catch ups with friends whenever i fancied would be no problem at all, AND I would be able to update my little blog with all the above adventures…..ha, ha, bloody ha! Turns out I've got crap time management AND organisation skills (or there's just not enough hours in the day? I think the latter, obviously!)

I think it's fair to say that I completely lost it in sticky note hell but, hurrah, I'm done and dusted until February; plenty of time to sort out the study/having a life imbalance!

^^^year two^^^

I was pretty bummed that we never had the time to arrange a little one year in Australia party as we had hoped, (can you believe a year had passed already!) but we did manage to head to Kings Park and have a family snap taken in the same place as last year. i hope it can be our little anniversary tradition; it will be cool to look back on all our family snaps and see how we change over the years.

^^^celebrating our one year down under with my two favourite boys. And an AFL ball.^^^
^^^this little duck wanted to play too^^^
^^^and this little boy just wanted to be friends^^^

We've had so many ups and downs along the way but we both agree that Perth really does feel like home, so much so we made the decision to really plant our roots here and we are in the bumpy process of building our first Aussie home. (Fingers crossed!)

It's crazy how quickly Perth felt like home and if we could have all our friends and family here too well that would be super……oh and dark chocolate hobnobs, Grazia magazine, 3 for 2 in Boots, the current Great British Bake Off on tv, The Sunday Times Style magazine and the fabulous NHS! Add all of those and that would make living in Perth ruddy perfect!

Here's to a fabulous year two!





One thought on “one year on

  1. It’s good to hear that you like Perth…Did you have many friends/mummy friends there before moving? My husband is considering heading to the mines next year and is trying for local mines (well, five hour flight vs 10 flight lol), but if he was to take a job in WA it would make sense for us to relocate for a short time. I just know I would miss all my friends, especially my mummy friends that help me stay sane!

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