The tale of a screaming toddler

I'd kinda forgotten about the flies that come hand in hand with the start of Summery weather in Perth. You, along with everyone else in WA is constantly doing this wafty hand thing across your face to stop the suckers from invading your mouth, so you soon remember how annoying it can get! Plus you begin to think a hat with those dangly corks is a really GREAT idea…..

Another great idea would be for Ralph to come fitted with a scream translator as nothing I am doing at the moment is working with the little man. I had one of those mama moments on Wednesday at our new playgroup. For ages I had been waiting to take Ralph to his first Steiner playgroup but we had to wait until he was 18 months old , but at last the day came and I was way more excited than Ralph when we walked in. At first all was cool, Ralph is typically cautious of new surroundings so uses me as his sidekick to explore until he feels ready to ditch me…..which came shortly after tipping all the shells onto the floor and throwing them in the air like rose petals.


He played with new friends, looked at the dolls and loved pushing the trucks as fast as he could along the corridor, whilst I sat doing crafty business at the craft table, drank tea, chatted to some interesting new people and discussed crafty things like crocheting (which I'm so into at the moment!) this was going to be an awesome time for us……

Then it was time for bread making….in my head Ralph would sit there like the cute little doll he is and happily roll his dough in the flour and make a little bun ready for the oven so he could enjoy it on the way home. The reality? He covered himself in the flour, got that attached to his little ball of dough that when I explained to him that it needed to go to the oven to cook he screamed so piercingly I swear I saw windows rattle.


And that was that for the rest of our time at playgroup, he screamed or cried. Mainly both at the same time, and for no reason I could translate other than he could, so he would. Now don't get me wrong I'm used to his frustration stage, its been happening for a long while now and it must be confusing for him too not being able to communicate and I get that. But the peace de resistance came when it was time to leave….


No way would Ralph put the truck away (which he had attached himself too the whole morning) no matter what I tried he would yell and scream and ignore my gentle and calm requests….until the teacher came along (i think out of sympathy) and did EXACTLY what I had been doing for the past 10 mins and calmly explain to him that it needed to go away and it would be waiting for him next week.


And just like that he happily put it away, waved goodbye and left the room. Maybe it was after a long morning of screaming, or pitying glances from the other parents but I'm not sure whether out of frustration or simply relief I shed a tear or two as I left. Has that ever happened to you? Do you have any suggestions to help with teeny screaming maniacs?














2 thoughts on “The tale of a screaming toddler

  1. This is such a relief to read! My daughter is going through a meltdown phase at the moment when simple things like Daddy carrying her instead of me are apparently the end of the world. If you find a solution please share!

  2. Oh dear!! No tips for screaming baba I’m afraid..! But defo loving the cork screw hat idea. Love your posts, sounds like your doing well, lots of love xx

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