A 4am blog post

Its been a long, long time since i've shared everyday week photos with you hasn't it?! to sum it up it's been a week of summery sunshine and early morning rain showers, waking up to bird song (sometimes liked, sometimes not depending on the time!) lots of baking, beautiful impromptu folk singing, washing lemon trees and coffee, always coffee. having a rubbish nights sleep allows for it. after being woken by Big D tossing and turning I admitted defeat that sleepy time wasn't coming back anytime soon, so at 2am I sloped off to the lounge with the goldfinch under my arm. It turns out my two boys must have been in restless sync as Ralph was awake for half the night too and boy do I NOT miss those nights! Fingers crossed it was a one-off I really don't want any more sleep free nights. I've had my share thank you very much!

^^^our lemon tree nearly one year on. I wanted to plant something that would grow with us and remind us of starting out in Australia.^^^

^^^gardening hands^^^

^^^the first of many sunny morning ocean views^^^

^^^a contender for yummiest ice-cream flavour^^^


^^^Ralph insists on hanging off everything lately^^^
^^^i told Ralph we were off to the farm; he packed the essentials….^^^
^^^a new furry friend^^^
^^^turns out I still can't bake a chewy pavlova.^^^

And before i forget, do you ever have a feeling that you can't quite put your finger on what it is and out of the blue you hear something and you're like YES that's exactly how i feel. (and then you feel lots better afterwards!)

Well, it happened to me yesterday at yoga. My yoga teacher ended the class by saying 'when you feel disconnected you will always have your practice to bring you back and connected.' He hit the nail on the head. For one thing or another I haven't been able to practice as much as I would like, but isn't that the case for every yoga loving parent? and I've been feeling very disconnected (Big D would call this grumpy, very grumpy!) so this weekend I shall be working on bringing happiness back into our home.

Have a gorgeous weekend!



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