Does everything really happen for a reason?

I say the good old saying “everything happens for a reason” a lot to friends. Didnt get the job? break-up? screwed up your childs birthday cake? Dont have your shoe size left in the most super shoes you've ever seen? You see it's the saying that covers it all, but boy oh boy, trying to listen to my own advice is proving a difficult pill to swallow. I think I may hurt the next friend who blurts it out to me and here is why….

Unfortunately our home that we thought we would be building next year is no more due to a stupid finance cock up. It's fair to say both Big D and I have been feeling completely gutted about it. We had been getting so excited staring at our plans of the layout, changing things here and there, becoming a little bit obsessed with home decor magazines (the last one more so me than Big D) that never did we think it would fizzle from an actual reality to a dream again, but alas it has. And I for one am putting it down to the mercury retrograde. never am I going to make any decision whatsoever during this time! Ever.

But on the flip side it has made me appreciate what i have right now and for that I am eternally greatful. Here are a few things from the top of my head if you're interested;

The taste of the first summer mango. Delicious!

Three whole weeks of two awesome visitors from England: my little sister and my niece. It's so lovely to spend time being mamas together (even though we still bicker like we're 12) and to see how loving Ralph is towards Isla! Cuddles all round!


And when Ralph isnt snuggling i like a cuddle with her too.

First beach day. The sandy toes, the smell of suncream, ahhh summer welcome back!

First whole week and a bit since no more dummy at bedtime for Ralph. All it took was an evening trip to yoga with the dummy in my bag (accidentally) and Big D had no choice but to pop him to bed without it. Ta da!

Catching glimpses of Ralph through the day just, you know, sorting out his Lego.

Ralph actually play with his friend Olly. I'm not sure when it happened but watching them interact with each other is so yummy and heart warming to watch.

And the best of all it seems our Internet connection has fixed itself-hurrah!





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