Just a simple Sunday

It's already nearly the end of the week but I kinda didn't want to forget how lovely and simply perfect last Sunday was. Nothing out of this world happened but I went to sleep with a fuzzy heart and it would be nice to fill you in…..

In my book, it will always be a good day when it's started with a breakfast BBQ by the river. We met up with some of Big D's new friends (we laugh at how they met as they picked up each other at the park) and their families at Deep Water Point, with our beautiful city as our backdrop. Big D took the plunge and tried paddle boarding for the first time, Ralph spent most of the morning (after trying to wade in after Big D) running in and out of the water with handfuls of sand and I spent my morning listening to travel stories, drinking coffee and enjoying being surrounded by people I love.

After coming home with sandy toes and full tummies it was cat naps all round. I very rarely nap in the afternoon so it felt delightful to snuggle into bed. I'm not a usual cat napper, but with two littles currently in the house i think we've all been feeling a little more tired than normal, and boy oh boy it was delicious 🙂

We even had time to take little sis to one of my favourite spots, Waterman's bay, for a fish supper and a sunset. it became one of our favourite things to do to end a weeked last summer, but it was super breezy and we ended up dining and dashing before the sun went down.

^^^Ralph and his favourites: auntie C and his Tonka^^^








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