Crash, bang, wallop..

are infact not the sounds you will hear when your car is crashed into on a Saturday evening, it's more like a big old ccccccrrrrruuuuunch! Many of you guys would have already heard about our crash, and we thank you for your thoughts and kind messages, everyone has been super helpful getting us back on our feet.


But since then it's been a mix of taking it easy spending time together as a family and the general sorting out of police reports, insurance and claims, as well as an unhealthy dose of homeland/ the fall and sons of anarchy (not all at the same time mind). in our weekend state of utter shock we forgot all about our christmas-esque packed plans and have spent the past few days being thankful that it wasnt any worse and that we are all well!

But after two long trips to different hospitals, stiches to the head for Big D, an overnight stay for Ralph (where he slipped back into being our little baby again instead of the adventourous little boy he's growing into), general lots of aches and pains all round and trying not to laugh because it hurts too much i think we are back on track to start preparations for the season.

^^^after a long night of prodding and testing the little man was flat out^^^


first things first, we needed a tree. Since We couldn't go as a family to pick our tree this year (the accident wiped out our family car) it was Big D's responsibility NOT to come home from the Swan Valley with a tree bigger than our house! And to be honest our house is teeny….


But then he came home with this little beauty and was advised to wash the tree down before taking it in the house, to get out all the creepies. And you should have seen the spiders that scooted out…..only in Australia!!





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