my everyday week (or two) 19/12/2014

What are your plans for the last weekend before christmas? I'm all set for some last minute christmas shopping and a whole lot of christmas baking whilst Big D is away on Rottnest Island. And on Sunday we are hosting our first annual christmas picnic (can it be called an annual thing if its the first, I'm not so sure but hey ho, I can call it whatever!)


But before all of that, how about we catch up with life and such with a few snaps…

^^^the annual de-tangling of the christmas lights^^^

^^^and the very lengthy process of placing them just right….^^^

^^^that little face; utterly heartbroken that the Santa train ride at Myer, Forrest chase, was over.^^^

^^^the first round of baking Pepparkakor (pepper cookies) with my little helper. You can find the recipe here. It's a firm favourite in our house^^^

^^^the sky at last weekends open air WASO concert was just divine^^^

^^^Ralph was mesmerised by the WASO concert. In between clapping hands with joy and spinning in circles he would snuggle into either Big D or I and simply absorb the beautiful pieces. (We were in shock at his reaction to the music!) ^^^

^^^the yummiest feet in the park!^^^

^^^Re-arranging the decorations has become a number one morning time priority for a certain little man…^^^

^^^even the trees outside have been decorated with a bauble or 10^^^

One of our christmas traditions is that we add a new decoration to the tree each year. This year we chose the following three and Ralph chose the sequin candy cane. You can see last year's here.




^^^it was my last week as a Education Assistant for a group of pre-primary and year ones at a local primary schooland they made me this cool card which is currently on our fridge^^^

^^^this guy and his rocking horse. He really gives it some gusto^^^

^^^not quite getting the concept of the coconut shy.^^^

^^^the yummiest poached egg can be found at Cottesloe Beach club^^^

^^^having a rare moment of quiet, looking out at the most glorious ocean, appreciating that I get to call this place home.^^^

^^^and a rare snap of a smiley Ralph who is probably the most serious dude I've ever met! I'm going to cherish this smiley photo.^^^




2 thoughts on “my everyday week (or two) 19/12/2014

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