A Perth Christmas

I hope you had the most marvellous Christmas break. We sure did, but why does it always have to zoom by so fast!? That is my only complaint, oh, AND a certain someone not making sure the video camera was set to go when Ralph wandered into the lounge and shrieked with glee when he spotted his brand spanking new kitchen, which was made from scratch by my very own elf, Big D. It was the best reaction and had both of us bursting with laughter and I wish we had it on camera!


We spent most of our morning at the beach, paddling in the most clearest of waters, building and destroying huge sandcastles and eating christmas morning muffins fresh out of the oven (I've been making these on Christmas morning for a few years now and they are the best way to start the most wonderful day of the year!) before heading home to unwrap gifts from under the tree, eat yummy food and celebrate christmas with the relatives via the marvel of Skype!

^^^a picture perfect day^^^
^^^Ralph supervising Big D whilst he tackled assembling our new sun shade^^^
^^^the a shade is our new favourite beach shade. It's amazing!^^^
^^^happy croissant stuffed faces^^^
^^^my loves ^^^
^^^say 'merry christmas'^^^
^^^the explorer rocking his new beach jersey (thanks auntie Kila!)^^^
^^^beauty under the rocks^^^
^^^this joke…^^^
^^^a whole 24 hours later and Ralph was still opening gifts^^^

Even though it may not be how a traditional christmas is portrayed, (or how ive spent the past 27 of them) I am falling in love with our Australian Christmases.






One thought on “A Perth Christmas

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