A January blur….

Over the past couple of weeks, hot sunny days have been rolling into air conditioned nights, morning plays in the park have, at times, turned into all out Tonka truck wars (because Ralphs own Tonka truck is never as fabulous as the others, even if it's identical!) and we have lost way too many balls to count….

^^^Ralph decided being buried is the only way to stay cool at the beach^^^


January is turning out to be a nothing much kinda happened month, Big D is currently next door helping our neighbour and I have a few minutes to myself so here I am! I've almost finished Ralph's second hand sewn animal (a little pink elephant) but everytime I pick up to do so I pop it down again for another time when I feel more in a sewing mood. I did however finally finish the Goldfinch (Which I loved) and I've started to read this book. I'm still not so sure on it- maybe I'm reading it at the wrong time (5 minutes before I go to sleep) but I'll keep at it.

And talking of sleep, I've been feeling so drained of energy these past few weeks that come 3pm it's a struggle to make it to the end of the day. Most days during the week I've been napping when Ralph goes down for his midday snooze just so I can function when Big D comes home (and not be a grumpy moody bum!) and make an occasional yoga class without falling asleep before it's even started (it's happened twice now!)

I thought I would have mastered how to make a pavlova by now, but I can't. It's still coming out very undercooked in the middle (I'm not sure if I'm overbeating or underbeating the eggs or simply not cooking it for long enough even though the outside is crispy and chewy). I even tried this recipe which my friend, Jane, a super pavlova maker, swears by and I still can't get it right, or even edible. Jeez it's only a few ingredients and yet so much can go so wrong!

Ralph is taking his time when it comes to extending his vocabulary any further than this current collection; in order of most said in any day: ball, car, mummy/daddy, wee wee, poo poo, more and no (which also means yes so it can get a little confusing.)

I also missed one of my besties 30th birthday party. I suppose 'missed' is the wrong word; she had her party in England and I was all the way across the world in Perth wishing I was there with her…..Happy birthday Curls! It made me think that my big 3-0 this year will be missing a few favourites….

Well that was a bit of a scatty update wasn't it, but on the plus side it's Australia Day today, a big fat yeehaa to a long weekend!





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