What we are reading

Ralph has Big D and I laughing so much through the day (except at 4am. No one laughs at 4am….) but even more so when we sit down to read and he pulls the same three books out from his ever growing collection, which I can't help myself adding too, I love books and I love buying them, I love sharing my love for them with our little dude and I love it when he comes running over armed with his collection of reads, jumps up and wriggles himself into my lap so he is just so….

it seems appropriate that his current favourites are books that are about the things he loves the most, trains, pointing and saying more! (well for this week anyway)

More more more said the baby By Vera Williams three simple stories involving three little multicultural babies and their families. The stories are centred around displays of love and affection from being playfully thrown in the air, to being tickled and swooped to being snuggled; everything a baby loves! Ralph loves the repatition and the illustrations (His favourite is the daddy) and especially when we get to read the more, more, more part at the end of each story.

Peek a who? By Nina Laden. Before Ralph's OBSSSION with trains, he would happily turn the pages of this colourful peek book to see what was next. Now he flips the book open the to the train tracks and spends all of his time pointing at the train going “Choo, Choo!!!”

Where is baby's belly button? By Karen Katz. A lift the flap book in order to search where the baby's eyes, mouth, belly button are. Ralph has been learning where his body parts are during our morning jogs ( I say where is….. and he either points or wriggles, super cute!) so he loves to read this book and point not only to the parts in the book, but to himself too!

I'm always on the lookout for recommendations so please do share your favourite books with us!



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