Just a thought

I had planned on spending our morning clearing out my thoughts into my journal under a big shady tree whilst Ralph raced down slides and climbed up everything (probably wondering if he could jump off everything too), zooming around the park pushing his truck full of sand and twigs and chasing every little bird in sight.

Instead, by some lovely coincidence, i bumped into someone I had met only briefly before at a couple of Steiner play groups, whilst waiting for my morning coffee (even in this stinking heat I still need one to start my day!) she was meeting friends and insisted we join them, who all turned out to be so fabulous and welcoming to the sleepy, messy haired intruder! Why does that always happen? You stumble out of the house hoping and praying you will bump into NO ONE and ta da: a whole new group of lovelies rock up.

But it did get me thinking a couple of things, just how strong the universe is that it can have an influence on a persons actions, pushing paths together until they eventually cross and something wonderful happens (or not!) and whether everyone that comes into your life is for a reason? Hmmm, I wonder…..

And now I'm sat here writing down the nonsense in my head for you to read, eating the last of my *chocolate avocado mousse and wondering if I can really not eat a single morsel of a chocolate bar until Easter? I did contemplate going without until my birthday but how can I celebrate Easter without eating a zillion creme eggs?! Big D calls me an addict, I say it's my prerogative; if there's chocolate in the fridge it's fair game! But a bet is a bet and Big D is still thinking long and hard over the conditions.

*it's now been two days without a little square of the dark stuff and any raw/vegan chocolateyness doesn't count as it's completely super for your soul! 😉

Good night beauties.


ps- have you checked out the little moments app? You probably have, I'm always late to the party but I am loving the super quotes that come with this easy peasy photo editing app!




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