March One of thirty one

February, February where have you gone? Sorry I've been VERY absent! I don't know what's got into me but I'm definately thinking what you're thinking: “Geez how hard can it be to post a little update every once in a while?”

For most of the past month I've been feeling so nauseous and utterly knackered for no apparent reason (a little bit like morning sickness, but I'm definately NOT the p word!) and it's been occuring because of the craziest of things-such as Big D doing some silly seat dance when we went to see the Eagles on tour last week (the band not the footie!)

Weird nausea aside I'm in the midst of getting back into my uni swing and I'm feeling way more overwhelmed than organised so please bear with me as I find my life balance, but if my first day had anything to go by where I practically crawled into bed after a long day of lectures and seminars and printouts and readings it may take a while…..GULP!!

I hate to type this but our beautiful summer has come to an end, and today (Sunday) is officially the first day of Autumn, sob sob! We are a family of beach bums so the thought of not spending all our time beach side kills me, it really does! There is something about the change of seasons that makes me feel so unsettled- just the sight of winter clothes in David Jones had me feeling emotional last week and they were the nice clothes, you know, the lovely winter white stuff that can only be worn if your childless and not prone to spilling coffee down yourself first thing…..I'm not sure why it has such a dramatic effect on me but I've been making sure to sink my toes into the warm sand at the beach at every opportunity I can get!

^^^ my most favourite beach picture this year!^^^

Besides getting sandy at the beach, this weekend I'm spending it giving a dear friend a fabulous send off as she heads home back to Brisbane with bubbles, friend custard and make your own sangria!

Have a super duper long weekend!





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