my mama mantra

its fair to say i have had zilch time for myself during March and i dread to think, but probably for the rest of April too. i struggle at the best of times to focus on me, but in-between Ralph, pre-service teacher assignments, lectures, school visits, readings (there is lots and lots and lots of readings to be done!) and hosting a bloody suspected parasite in my intestine I’ve really struggled to keep my equilibrium/sanity in check, thus Big D has officially renamed me ‘cranky pants.’


^^^too cool for the Easter egg hunt^^^

but alas, the intruding parasite has been dealt with thanks to a blast of medication and I’m now eating everything that comes my way to make up for having a month long zero appetite, mainly foods in the shape of little chocolate eggs,  it is still Easter after all….Talking of Easter,  it’s been a low key break for us this year, spending a little of our time with friends but mainly its been just us three. the weekends are usually never long enough so its been nourishing to simply spend our extra time hanging out with each other which doesn’t make for the bestest blogging material but thats how our little family rolls sometimes-the highlight of our weekend is that Ralph had his first poop in his potty on Easter Sunday! wahoo for Ralph!

here’s hoping your weekend highlight is a bit more exciting than poop in a potty 🙂

one thing that i have been discussing a lot lately is discipline, both with Big D and my close mama friends who’s opinions i always seek and who can dish out valuable pearls of wisdom at the drop of a hat!   i think maybe because i had been feeling so rotten and ill the past month i was finding Ralph’s crazy ways so difficult to deal with; i was mentally and physically exhausted from trying to reason with a little dude who didn’t want to be reasoned with- he can go from tears to laughter in a nano second and does so about 100 times a day!  i know it is a totally normal developmental behaviour of a two year old, but jeez there are times when I really really really wish it wasn’t!! and it was during those ‘wishing it wasn’t happening’ moments that i started to doubt the type of parent i am.  Even Big D had me doubting myself-did Ralph see me as a push over because i hate to raise my voice at him? was i silly for offering choices to my two year old? did i really need to toughen up and be more of a ‘strict’ parent???  is his crying/ whiney (i hate that word but i can’t think of another right now!) temperament my fault because i had always attended to Ralph’s cries straight away?  i guess all mothers have doubts from time to time (well at least i hope they do) about their parenting paths and choices, and what kind of mother they envision themselves to be.  it was in a midst of self doubting that i came across a blog called ‘the parenting passageway’. Personally, i always try and aim to see life from Ralph’s perspective and I’m not saying that this is ‘THE’ way to parent because what works for me may not work for you, but the articles i have read so far really struck a chord with my belief system and reinforced what already ‘felt right’ to me and that my approach to parenting, in fact, isn’t going to turn Ralph into some crazy, needy wild child psychopath; that could still happen but i hope my parenting has nothing to do with it!

the point of me telling you all this? I’m not sure.  i just need to keep telling myself its all cool, i’ve got this parenting thing in the bag; trust your instincts! you can use my mantra too if you’ve been feeling a bit low on mama magic lately.



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