Winter is here


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oh my! last time i wrote ramblings on my blog the sun was still hot, hot, hot, i was in my twenties, i was wearing my saltwater sandals to death, (if you don’t own a pair i seriously recommend you buy some-they are THE most comfy sandal in the world, but i do think it has cemented my transition to generic mama-form?!!) my coconut oil wasn’t a solidified rock in the pantry, we didn’t have the winter blankets on our beds and I’m pretty sure my brain had space somewhere amongst all the daily crap i think about to take on more than one thought at once.

Then my primary teaching course kicked in.  and that was the end of my life as i know it.  I knew picking up a semester full time would be hard going but WOW it was INSANE.  It was the most utterly ridiculously challenging three months of my life, consisting of (and NOTHING else) reading course literature NON STOP, learning so much new terminology, lectures, assignment writing until 3am on too many occasions to remember (and no lie-ins afterwards) exams (shuddering at the thought of them still) and having no more of me to give to anyone, which had a horrid effect on the unlucky souls that came within close proximity (mainly Big D and Ralph because i ignored most requests from anyone else for meet ups!.  Sorry for the use of capitals but i feel they are totally and absolutely necessary 😉

But i made it (well, i hope i did, still waiting for exam & assignment results so i shall keep my thoughts all but positive!) and now I’m starting to rebuild my shattered life, gosh, i am being dramatic here but that’s how it feels and i had to laugh driving to yoga last weekend with a friend who could tell that my assignments were completed as she saw me posting fun stuff on Instagram again….

But in-between then and now certain things had to be put on hold and unfortunately my favourite writing space was the first to go (mainly because i didn’t have anything exciting to share-my course beat my love for everything around me well and truly out of my system!), along with reading books for fun, nosey-ing around in the blog world, wasting hours on Instagram, eagerly flicking through recipe books ear marking weekend recipes, yoga-ing, taking photos (I don’t know why but i go into complete shut down when I’m stressed), ignoring Skype calls from dear, dear friends (I really hope i still have some) and generally loving life.  So do bear with me as i try and get my shizzle together.

But on a plus note we celebrated the first day of winter with vanilla bean ice-cream, so its onwards and upwards and all that jazz i believe xxxxx


2 thoughts on “Winter is here

  1. Well done you.. and good luck with your studies and new career lovely.

    Ps post a piccy of the saltwater sandles then… 😉

    • thank you very much and re the sandals it is well and truly chilly winter weather here now but if we get some yummy weather soon i will snap me wearing them just for you xxx

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