what i missed the most

Uurrghh what a night. Ralph has been full of the flu which by automatic default gains him all night access to the big bed…..and no one got a decent sleep until this morning, after Big D left for work Ralph decided he was ready for sleep and as i’m typing to you now Ralph is snoring his little flu filled head off which he should have been doing during the night instead of asking for storybooks/ trains/ diggers every 30 minutes or so.

But here i am getting off track, i havent spoken to you in such a long time and the first thing i tell you is about our rotten night’s sleep! To be honest i’ve been spending the past few days recovering; I finished my first month long teaching prac on Friday- hurrah!
I literally floated out of the school when the final bell rang, leaving behind my sugar high class thanks to Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes (the recipe, not THE actual cupcakes from the store but just as delish) and this cake from Nigella for the staff – a cake you can whip up in a blender is always going to be a winner!

The whole teaching experience was fabulous and I loved it but it really took its toll on our life as a family. What I missed the most was simply taking our time, doing things on a whim without planning to the max those 48 hours we get to call a weekend. Having only two days off really sucks! So you can only imagine how excited i was to get back my weekends and do whatever i wanted without having guilt that i should be lesson planning!

I thought my favourite part of the weekend would be when Big D and I had managed to sort out a babysitter (thanks Sarah) and join friends for a birthday dinner at el Publico, a delish modern mexican tapas restaurant in Mount Lawley. We all opted for the ‘feed me’ option to take the hassle out of choosing a gazzilion dishes to feed our hungry tummies and by the time the food came we all just tucked straight in and i forgot to take any snaps, but the peanut butter thing *very technical term 😉 at the end was divine. I will just have to head on back to take those snaps!

Or i thought it may have been celebrating the first world yoga day/ winter solstice with a beautiful acoustic yin yoga session- it was such a divine experience whilst listening to the storm outside. But it was on Monday (not technically the weekend anymore i know) but spending our morning at the park was so simply perfect and i really, really had missed it.

IMG_2733 IMG_2731 mama loves vogue

We wrapped up, grabbed coffee from Sayers and scooted around the lake in Hyde Park a few times before spotting the playground. We stopped to check out the black swans before dashing off when they got too close, sped through wet (Ralph word for puddles) and tossed leaves in the lake to watch them float away.


^^^ That smile gets me everytime^^^^

And just like that, after a month of feeling so stretched and disconnected I felt connected again and our little family rhythm is slowly restoring itself. Watching him explore and just being by his side i felt myself connecting to Ralph, to my family and to the earth. Isn’t it amazing what a walk in the park can do for your soul!



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