Ralph’s most favourite toys (at two years old)

This week started with some super soggy stay indoors kind of weather which always makes me anxious. What are we going to do ALL day? Ralph and I are both the stay outdoors all day long kind of people and the rain really buggers that up- there is only so many wet puddles you can jump in before your socks get soggy and you want to go home (that’s usually me!)
Anyways i’m getting slightly off track….being nearly 2 and a half its fair to say Ralph definatly knows what he likes when it comes to toys and it turns out that some of his favourites are some of the toys he’s had for ages!!

The secret?  We rotate the hell out of his stuff- we have a ‘toy shop’ (just a cupboard) where we put toys that are not being used and Ralph keeps a few in his room stored using Ikea’s Kallax unit on it’s side so he can use the top to zoom cars along or whatever AND so he knows where they belong when not being used and can easly find them when he wants them (in theory…) If he hasn’t played with something in a while, we simply swap it for a toy from the cupboard and hey presto something new and exciting is on the shelf!

These are his totally most favourite things that he loves to play with (when he’s not playing ‘crashing cars’-sigh!!!! who am i kidding he plays that game A LOT ALL THE TIME!)

mama loves vogue

This pounding toy is ace because the sticks never come out! Once Ralph has pounded the sticks down he just flips it over and what do you know, more sticks ready for pounding down again!- hours of fun!
We bought this from a store in Denmark WA but you kind find something similar here if you are in Australia or here if you live in the UK.

mama loves vogue

Everyone needs a Jack in the Box! I rememeber buying this shortly after Ralph’s first birthday and he still gets super excited when you wind up the handle in anticipation for the jack to pop out of the box. We bought Ralph’s at Myer but you can find it here and if you are in the UK here

mama loves vogue

These beautiful wooden sorting blocks have never been used for their intended purpose, of, well, sorting but that makes them even better in my eyes. They have however been used to make really big towers for Ralph to knock down, bridges for his trains to zoom through and sometimes just for a good old throw around the house….We found the sorting blocks via eco toys in Australia and if you live in the UK you can find the same toy here.

mama loves vogue

A two year old collection of most prized toys wouldn’t be complete without some sort of vehicle! This tractor is ace and super tough- it’s been dropped loads but you would never guess. It is made in Sweden but if you live in Australia we purchased it through Dragonfly toys. If you live in the UK you can find it here (they also have some other really cool construction vehicles!)

Obviously this list is likely to change after i’ve finished sewing him a fishing set which of course he will play with all the time because it’s taking me forever to make! (haha probably not!!)

mama loves vogue

^^^a sneak peak just for you^^^

What can your littles not live without?



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