Hair raising Saturday!

The Saturday just past we eventually made it to Winterland which is currently taking place in Fremantle (I wanted to go the weekend before but the rain put a stop to that plan).  I personally never need an excuse to venture to good old Freo, quite simply I adore the place even on a busy sunny Saturday afternoon; The streets are bustling, the cafes are spilling out onto the pavement and  the market is jam packed with locals and tourists – Big D on the other hand, well this is his nightmare.  But still, off we went with the most prettiest take out coffee cups in our paws and on the very loose promise that i was sure that i had read somewhere there was going to be a snow machine…..

mama loves vogue



Then we (and in that I really mean Ralph) saw the huge inflatable slide, however he failed to notice the just as huge queue for the huge inflatable slide.  After much explaining that we had to wait our turn, something we Brits are tremendous at doing- we figured it would totally make sense that two year old Ralph would understand the concept straight away and not just make a bee line straight for the gap in the barrier at his first opportunity…….but 40 minutes and only one major tantrum later we were up!

mama loves vogue

^^^waiting isn’t so bad when on top of papa’s shoulders^^^

mama loves vogue

mama loves vogue

^^^that hair!^^^

After the first slide down clinging to his papa, Ralph felt he was cool beans to whoosh down all on his own and i felt sad i had decided to wear leather pants that day!…..

mama loves vogue



and then it was down on his tummy….

mama loves vogue

before finishing probably the most mega 10 minutes of his weekend with a big hands up in the air all the way down!!

mama loves vogue

you can only imagine the sadness when our time was up! I won’t divulge all our bribing tactics, all you need to know is that we hot footed it out of there in search for ice-cream, which seemed to do the trick at cheering a little someone up…..

mama loves vogue




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