Sultanas up a nose and my obsession over Winter

So yesterday was eventful!   It began with me turning into a lingering coffee shop/ typing away on my laptop annoyance waiting for Big D to finish work when all I really wanted to do was flop into bed after an insane vinyassa yoga session at Power Living early that morning – oh my goodness talk about a work out and a half, but alas i couldn’t because I  locked myself out of the house. AGAIN. It’s times like these when I really miss not having close friends round the corner so I could  just rock up and flop into their beds!  And the day ended with a $90 trip to an out of hours doctor to remove a sultana that Ralph had managed to lodge so far up his nose we couldn’t even see it anymore…..ah the joys!!

Can you believe we have been living in Perth for nearly TWO years already- Its freakin’ crazy how quickly time is flying by. I can remember the night before we flew out of Manchester like it was only yesterday- making all those frantic last minute phonecalls to say ‘see ya soon’ (goodbye sounds way too final for my liking!)  And now here we are in the midst of our second Aussie winter and I have no doubt in my mind that we made the best decision to move…..

mama loves vogue


^^^just another Winter’s day at the beach^^^

It often crops up in conversation whether or not we would consider moving back to the UK (and even if Big D’s dream came true and Ralph became Liverpool’s biggest footie star ever) i would still need some SERIOUS convincing to move back-  I am totally smitten with Australia and as for the footie thing, i’m secretly hoping Ralph enjoys the surfing more!  And the reason? Sure there’s the sun, the laid back surf vibes, vineyards (soon to be) on our doorstep and amazing beaches but i really love the Winter (and the fact there is Christmas in July!) This may be down to being a Brit who is used to winter lasting 360 days a year because i lived ‘up north’ but what can I say, i’m in love….

mama loves vogue

^^^our favourite past time is spending it at the beach^^^

mama loves vogue

^^^Ralph’s ever so serious face^^^

You can spend all day outdoors in the easy winter sunshine (something you can’t even think about doing in summer without burning to a crisp) and because there is no daylight saving here in WA by 5:30pm the sun is setting and the indoors beckons you.  I don’t know about you but winter for me means drinking tea and hot chocolate in heavy rotation, reading books (if you haven’t read The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga i insist you do I couldn’t put it down)  or catching up on movies you have been dying to see, playing scrabble whilst drinking wine and being surrounded by glorious scented candles.

And speaking of candles, the lovely folk at Airwick recently sent me two candles to have a sniff at and WOW, they are divine!  I love fresh scents so instantly had to light the  ‘Lemonade Stand’ scented candle as soon as it arrived- it’s a total beauty and a change from my usual heavy winter smells.  We could still smell the scent through the whole house the next morning, it was gorgeous.  The second candle is one from their decorative candles range, silhouettes.  It’s a candle that not only smells divine (amber mandarin glow) but also (and i think this happens by magic) changes colour when is lit.

mama loves vogue

I can’t wait to see Ralph’s face when we light it up again this evening, he’s turning into a bit of a candle obsessive just like his mama.

Have a beautiful weekend.



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