a trip to Naturescape, King Park.

talk about a rollercoaster ride! one minute i’m crying my eyes out hating Big D for having to work millions (not quite accurate) of miles away being left all alone with Ralph, feeling utterly and totally burnt out by 5pm every single day, resenting Big D because he gets to go to the gym whist i long for a sweaty yoga class….and the next i’m all huge happy smiles with a skip in my step without a care in the world feeling insanely joyful.  blah- to emotions. And to being a fifo wife (not the right word considering we’re not even married, but ‘partner’ just sounds lame!)

but i’ve had a few yummy days in a row, so fingers crossed nutty, emotional me is on the back burner for a while and did i mention that it’s Spring!! i’ve felt the beautiful warmth of the sun on my face all day, caught up with lovely friends (at last),the wild flowers are smelling utterly divine and it feels like a good time to call an end to my blog drought!

don’t you just hate that moment when you realise your phone camera is full!!??  Ralph was playing with his wee friend Bella, being utterly gorgeous and cute with each other making for beautiful photo snaps and my camera was FULL. And every single photo already stored, is of course, to precious to delete!

So instead here are some pics from last week during a trip to naturescape. If you haven’t been before it’s a gorgeous place within Kings Park for littles to connect with their inner Bear Grylls and roam about in the bush, play in the creeks, find awesome rocks, climb and get dirty. Ralph’s idea of heaven!


^^^ your own piece of tranquility.  I would imagine it to be not so during the school holidays 😉 ^^^


^^^Ralph made a bee-line for the water as soon as he saw it^^^


^^^the cutest big toes in the world^^^



^^^I’m pretty sure rock throwing is against the rules, but no one was watching. ^^^



^^^such a carefree spirit.  he makes my heart shine^^^


^^^i would love to know what he daydreams about.  Probably food.  Or football.  Or trucks….^^^



^^^ i love this time of year as all the flowers begin to bloom but don’t ask me what they are!^^^



^^^all insects are butterflies according to Ralph.  Even the bumblebees^^^


^^^getting to grips with the monkey ropes^^^




^^^love this picture so much^^^


^^^and this too!^^^

Not like I’m counting but only one more week until Big D returns 😉


One thought on “a trip to Naturescape, King Park.

  1. I’ve only heard really good things about the naturescape! Your photos make it look so interesting! I will have to take the kids there – but as you say – I think I’ll stay away during the holidays!

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