on being grateful

hello my blog, hello my friends that read my little blog!! oh how i’ve missed this little space that is just mine.

it may be the 4th, well it’s now actually nearly the 5th,  but better late than never hey?- so the happiest of new years to you all- i hope you’ve had an awesome time doing all the things you love with all the people you love.

last night was the first time in ages that I was home alone and  it felt like total luxury after a busy few weeks of holidaying, epic car journeys, entertaining visitors and general christmas busyness so it seemed like a perfect chance to catch up with you before either Big D returned from the movies or his folks returned from their evening out; instead I went to bed ridiculously early and snuggled the little man- not exactly riveting stuff to the start of 2016, but hey ho it’s all about lifes simple pleasures! 

One of my favourite parts of December was that we ventured down to Denmark  in the Great Southern for a few days- and I completely fell in love! I will share more of our adventure soon  but for now how beautiful are all the blues in this picture?!


The scenery was so breathtakingly spectauclar….


we need to return soon it was so peaceful and gorgeous!

Before I start with my new year plans that I will probably forget about in a week or so I need to talk about the last part of the year- it was so intense on every single level- emotinally, mentally and physically as I FINALLY completed my teaching course (hurrah!!)- and I am now a fully fledged primary school teacher (that is once I find a job- minor detail i know!!)

I think I  am looking forward to the new year even more so than usual-well it’s probably because we will be moving into our very own house in a few months and we will no longer be living in our aubergine coloured shoe box- yeehaa!!!  but before all of that I have a few things that I want to focus on this year-top of my list is to learn how to use my sewing machine that is still in its box from last Christmas-whoops…..

second on my list is no more alcohol until we fly back to England for Big D’s birthday later in the year. this might be down to the fact that I drunk my body weight in gin and martinis over the christmas holiday (the majority though was probably in one night)- but right now it sounds like an awesome idea so im sticking to it!

As for our UK holiday- it was a huge secret from Big D up until two days ago! His awesome friends have clubbed together and paid for our flights for his birthday gift- how epic are they?!!! Wow-it makes my heart burst that we have the honour of calling them our friends – we are very lucky indeed!!

thirdly- i want to make more time for me where i can be on my own- to write, swim, take more photographs, sit on my bum and do nothing if i fancy, whatever, just as long as i’m making more time for me in 2016.

Phew, thanks for stopping by.






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