10th January 2016

Today, my darling Ralph, you insisted on waking me super early in the morning by whispering “wake up now mummy” continuously in my face.  I love that you are so persistent and don’t give up even if you do have to drag me out of bed by my ankles…..

We woke up to an unusual grey summers day here in Perth but it was a nice break to take a morning walk along the beach without melting at 7:30 in the morning, which turns out is also the same time and place that all of Perth’s lycra wearing fitness addicts do their daily exercise. I happened to be the one counting all the ships/ surfers/ dogs at the top of my voice….


^^^I wish his jumper came in grown-up size (it’s from Children of the tribe and I may be a little obsessed…^^^


^^^he pretty much walked the entire journey along the fences^^^



^^^i love this picture of Ralph and his smiley face taken earlier in the week- I had to post it up before I forgot how much I liked it.^^^

apart from all the tight buns(!), another thing that was in my face was the sea breeze which was cool and fresh in our faces- it felt so refreshing as the past few days (and nights) have been so hot and I’m missing our air-conditioned bedroom….i mean it would be just cruel to make our visitors sleep in the sauna that we call a spare room….or would it…..?!?!

Anyhow, back to my day..something pretty unbelievable happened.  Ralph ACTUALLY wanted to wear shoes!  He went into his wardrobe and pulled out his lion shoes (that I purchased ages ago in the H&M sale) and has been scared of ever since I bought them and declared ‘put these on mummy’ and shrieked loud lion roars all the way to the park- you see, a total milestone right there!!




and now we are at the park, the clouds are saying it might rain and Ralph has run off in search of a playmate. The smile on his face when he finds someone to play with (other than me, his most best friend in the entire world) is so joyful and beams with excitement…and then I start thinking just maybe we could muster you up a brother or sister? but this is me talking after I’ve had two strong coffees, practised my daily visualisations, discussed tomato varieties at the growers market, am wearing my hippiest of dresses and I’m sure I have a calming rose quartz crystal stuffed in my bag, to keep me, umm calm??….tomorrow I will probably go back to thinking a dog will be an awesome playmate for him…..

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday friends xxx


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