Ralph is three

Happy birthday Ralph!

Three cycles around the sun and you continue growing before our eyes into such a beautiful soul every single day.


^^^your final day as a two year old, being at the place you love the most^^^


^^^and doing what you love the most ‘want to be naked mummy!’^^^

I am so full of gratitude you chose us to be your parents as you have opened my eyes to the universe and all the possibilities.  I was never prepared for how much you have altered my life, but, right now, as I’m writing you this note, you really are the most perfect little human being (but that does all change when you turn into a mini dictator and I then start to wonder if you could have been switched at birth with possibly the devil……!) but then you smile and a twinkle appears in your eyes and you say ‘I love you mummy’ then we laugh and embrace and a flood of love washes over us again and I’m reminded to love you as you are, just as you love me no matter what.

Happy birthday my darling, may you always rock this universe!



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