on being grateful

hello my blog, hello my friends that read my little blog!! oh how i’ve missed this little space that is just mine.

it may be the 4th, well it’s now actually nearly the 5th,  but better late than never hey?- so the happiest of new years to you all- i hope you’ve had an awesome time doing all the things you love with all the people you love.

last night was the first time in ages that I was home alone and  it felt like total luxury after a busy few weeks of holidaying, epic car journeys, entertaining visitors and general christmas busyness so it seemed like a perfect chance to catch up with you before either Big D returned from the movies or his folks returned from their evening out; instead I went to bed ridiculously early and snuggled the little man- not exactly riveting stuff to the start of 2016, but hey ho it’s all about lifes simple pleasures!  Continue reading


A Perth Christmas

I hope you had the most marvellous Christmas break. We sure did, but why does it always have to zoom by so fast!? That is my only complaint, oh, AND a certain someone not making sure the video camera was set to go when Ralph wandered into the lounge and shrieked with glee when he spotted his brand spanking new kitchen, which was made from scratch by my very own elf, Big D. It was the best reaction and had both of us bursting with laughter and I wish we had it on camera! Continue reading

my everyday week (or two) 19/12/2014

What are your plans for the last weekend before christmas? I'm all set for some last minute christmas shopping and a whole lot of christmas baking whilst Big D is away on Rottnest Island. And on Sunday we are hosting our first annual christmas picnic (can it be called an annual thing if its the first, I'm not so sure but hey ho, I can call it whatever!)

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Crash, bang, wallop..

are infact not the sounds you will hear when your car is crashed into on a Saturday evening, it's more like a big old ccccccrrrrruuuuunch! Many of you guys would have already heard about our crash, and we thank you for your thoughts and kind messages, everyone has been super helpful getting us back on our feet. Continue reading

Ramblings of a frazzled mama

December, you hurled everything you had at me and by some incredible miracle I'm still standing, all be a little bit wobbly but still standing none the less!

In a nutshell we moved into our place 9 days before christmas, (i wouldn't recommend it, totally screwed my christmas tradition schedule!) unpacked just in time to be reunited with my little sister after far too long on separate continents, and then we had christmas to handle and not just any Christmas it was Ralph's first christmas and it was going to be ace! (Even if we hadn't done any Christmas shopping and I was dashing around the supermarket on Christmas Eve; which was nowhere near as bad as it is back in the UK by the way!)

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