on being grateful

hello my blog, hello my friends that read my little blog!! oh how i’ve missed this little space that is just mine.

it may be the 4th, well it’s now actually nearly the 5th,  but better late than never hey?- so the happiest of new years to you all- i hope you’ve had an awesome time doing all the things you love with all the people you love.

last night was the first time in ages that I was home alone and  it felt like total luxury after a busy few weeks of holidaying, epic car journeys, entertaining visitors and general christmas busyness so it seemed like a perfect chance to catch up with you before either Big D returned from the movies or his folks returned from their evening out; instead I went to bed ridiculously early and snuggled the little man- not exactly riveting stuff to the start of 2016, but hey ho it’s all about lifes simple pleasures!  Continue reading


six amigos in Bali: part 1

Are you still there? Oh my I didn’t mean to be away for so long (i’m afraid i wasnt in Bali all this time, that would have been dreamy.)

You best pop the kettle on because we’ve got a ruddy load of catching up to do haven’t we? Since returning from Bali over a month ago(!)  my university course has completely taken over my life, plus all the other parts of me have been shoved aside to make way for the massive amount of work I’m expected to get through. Yoga? Forget about it! Reading anything other than course material? In your dreams! Going to bed at reasonable o’clock? Who are you kidding?! Writing to my friends? Ha, you’ll be lucky you have any left after this course! But on the plus side (there’s always gotta be a plus side) I can eat as many gingernuts biscuits as I like when working on an assignment: it’s my new rule! Continue reading

Hello from Bali

Sorry i haven't posted for a wee while what with starting uni again (more about that another time) and mother coming to visit so I got to play tour guide, time really has been getting the better of me lately. But now I can slow it down, for a week at least! 🙂

Continue reading

My not so everyday week 24/04/2013

Time has got the better of me AGAIN (it has a nasty habit of doing that lately) as i'm sat here writing about what we did over Easter nearly a week later which has left me wondering why do long weekends have to go so darn fast?! Sob, sob….