fresh air at last

dear friends, when I began this week  it was pouring with rain and I was feeling in such a deflated mood, maybe down to the constant barrage of down pours which kept us inside for the best part of three days (and ALL my crafting ideas were exhausted by day one!) or maybe because my camera was (and still is) on the brink of death (all but the picture taking button seem to be broken, which is probably down to the amount of sand poking through every gap in the buttons!) so I have no idea of the amount of  pictures I have on there and the thought of a digital spring clean makes me want to hide my camera in a very dark place  (how can you store a billion photos that are all equally precious in some kind of order?)

Or maybe my low mood was down to the insane amount of clutter I’m trying to figure out how to cleanse from my little life.  I’ve been (very) slowly clearing out our belongings in preparation for the house move and I’ve come to realise I am more of a hoarder than I thought. I mean,  do I really need to keep hold of sequin leggings and killer heels which have not been aired since circa 2010? Nope! but can I throw them away? not a chance! If anything I’m hoping they will be a welcome addition to a fancy dress box in a few years. So, for now, I’m going to leave that little can of worms in its rightful place, in suitcases, in the garage and hope that Big D doesn’t notice….

but now, at the end of the week  (hello Friday!) after some much needed sunshine and out door play and good old fresh air  I’m feeling back to normal and peaceful again even though I have a stinking head cold and I’m pretty certain my head just might explode from the internal pressure all this snot is causing….but before it does I must share some pictures from a beautiful afternoon we spent with friends (before they disappear into my digital black hole) exploring/ searching for dinosaurs/ trying to find the biggest stick and not poke anyone’s eye out….(it was a miracle!)


^^^I love all the green in this photo and the muddy feet^^^

DSC_0645^^^all the tree roots in the woods and the boys both had to claim ‘that one’^^^


^^^a dinosaur tail perhaps?^^^


^^^literally that morning Ralph had to rescued from his first tree climb^^^

DSC_0679^^^swords, wands, dinosaur prodders? who knows!^^^

DSC_0667^^^a rare moment of stillness^^^

DSC_0665^^^we left with muddy toes and very happy hearts^^^

Thank you, Miss Charlie for sharing the secret! and as for the weekend, what have you planned? We are off to the Salt markets tomorrow- I can’t wait (Big D would rather do anything else than visit another market with me but I’ve promised him he will like it!) and we’ve also managed to arrange a date night.  I can’t remember the last one we had so I best dash and go stick my head under a steam bath.

Happy weekend xxx


on being grateful

hello my blog, hello my friends that read my little blog!! oh how i’ve missed this little space that is just mine.

it may be the 4th, well it’s now actually nearly the 5th,  but better late than never hey?- so the happiest of new years to you all- i hope you’ve had an awesome time doing all the things you love with all the people you love.

last night was the first time in ages that I was home alone and  it felt like total luxury after a busy few weeks of holidaying, epic car journeys, entertaining visitors and general christmas busyness so it seemed like a perfect chance to catch up with you before either Big D returned from the movies or his folks returned from their evening out; instead I went to bed ridiculously early and snuggled the little man- not exactly riveting stuff to the start of 2016, but hey ho it’s all about lifes simple pleasures!  Continue reading

happy birthday Big D!

We love you so much! Yesterday, we celebrated your 39th birthday and it was the 7th one I got to share with you- wow all that time has flown by- it’s crazy! You are ace and the bestest friend a gal could wish for.

mama loves vogue

I love you for being a super star daddy to Ralph – he thinks you are absolutely the most awesome footie player (you’ve got another year before he realises that your not, so enjoy the moment!)

mama loves vogue


mama loves vogue


mama loves vogue


mama loves vogue

I love you because you support me and my ideas and my passions (and don’t complain too much if potential hobbies are still in the box unopened from Christmas).

I love you because you understand that if there is ANY chocolate in the house it is always rightfully mine, even if it was yours to begin with……

I love you because you are sensitive and caring and kind and thoughtful, when a lot of the time I can be the opposite of these.

I love you because you have awesome taste in tv shows- oh hello Mad Men marathons!!!

I love you because each and every day we laugh.

mama loves vogue

Sorry i didn’t post this up yesterday i was too busy making what was supposed to be an awesome birthday cake….

mama loves vogue

^^^the flat as a pancake birthday cake…..^^^

Happy Birthday to you xxxxx

my mama mantra

its fair to say i have had zilch time for myself during March and i dread to think, but probably for the rest of April too. i struggle at the best of times to focus on me, but in-between Ralph, pre-service teacher assignments, lectures, school visits, readings (there is lots and lots and lots of readings to be done!) and hosting a bloody suspected parasite in my intestine I’ve really struggled to keep my equilibrium/sanity in check, thus Big D has officially renamed me ‘cranky pants.’


^^^too cool for the Easter egg hunt^^^ Continue reading

Just a thought

I had planned on spending our morning clearing out my thoughts into my journal under a big shady tree whilst Ralph raced down slides and climbed up everything (probably wondering if he could jump off everything too), zooming around the park pushing his truck full of sand and twigs and chasing every little bird in sight.

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A January blur….

Over the past couple of weeks, hot sunny days have been rolling into air conditioned nights, morning plays in the park have, at times, turned into all out Tonka truck wars (because Ralphs own Tonka truck is never as fabulous as the others, even if it's identical!) and we have lost way too many balls to count….

^^^Ralph decided being buried is the only way to stay cool at the beach^^^ Continue reading

my everyday week (or two) 19/12/2014

What are your plans for the last weekend before christmas? I'm all set for some last minute christmas shopping and a whole lot of christmas baking whilst Big D is away on Rottnest Island. And on Sunday we are hosting our first annual christmas picnic (can it be called an annual thing if its the first, I'm not so sure but hey ho, I can call it whatever!)

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