bye summer

Autumn, hello. I wish I could welcome you with your cooler mornings, shorter (ish) days and the looming thought of wearing warmer layers again with more gusto but I just can’t. Its official, I’m well and truly a summer girl, happiest in flowing frocks, morning swims chasing the waves, salty hair and ending the day with sandy toes watching the glorious sun set over the Indian Ocean. I haved loved this Summer so much (and have got so used to crazy hot days I now think anything under 30 degrees is slightly chilly!!!!) Continue reading


A Perth Christmas

I hope you had the most marvellous Christmas break. We sure did, but why does it always have to zoom by so fast!? That is my only complaint, oh, AND a certain someone not making sure the video camera was set to go when Ralph wandered into the lounge and shrieked with glee when he spotted his brand spanking new kitchen, which was made from scratch by my very own elf, Big D. It was the best reaction and had both of us bursting with laughter and I wish we had it on camera! Continue reading

my everyday week (or two) 19/12/2014

What are your plans for the last weekend before christmas? I'm all set for some last minute christmas shopping and a whole lot of christmas baking whilst Big D is away on Rottnest Island. And on Sunday we are hosting our first annual christmas picnic (can it be called an annual thing if its the first, I'm not so sure but hey ho, I can call it whatever!)

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one year on

If you told me in July that I would be so overwhelmed with study and I would have no time for anything other than reading text books, writing assignments and the occasional cup of tea and ginger nut biscuit combo, I would have laughed. Really loudly. Probably in your face. Continue reading

Ramblings of a frazzled mama

December, you hurled everything you had at me and by some incredible miracle I'm still standing, all be a little bit wobbly but still standing none the less!

In a nutshell we moved into our place 9 days before christmas, (i wouldn't recommend it, totally screwed my christmas tradition schedule!) unpacked just in time to be reunited with my little sister after far too long on separate continents, and then we had christmas to handle and not just any Christmas it was Ralph's first christmas and it was going to be ace! (Even if we hadn't done any Christmas shopping and I was dashing around the supermarket on Christmas Eve; which was nowhere near as bad as it is back in the UK by the way!)

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We have a home!

No matter how hard you tell yourself it's going to be, no one can ever prepare you on how tough emigrating across the world can be, but I think we've just about made it! (She types with a big sigh of relief.)

We fell in love with Perth within days of being here but boy has it pushed us to the limits. Coming here with no job and no home to call your own and living with friends for longer than ever planned with a baby in tow can do that I guess! So when Big D got the call to let us know we had been accepted for a house I nearly cried with relief. I had begun to torture myself by reading expat forums full of horror stories of people having to return home because they couldn't find a place to live. Word of advice don't read them. Not ever. They are not good for your soul!

Not knowing what's around the corner has to be up there as one of the most unsettling feelings and not something I want to go through again anytime soon. Thank goodness we have had such loving and uplifting friends supporting us- I don't know how we would have coped otherwise.

We get the keys in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to give you a guided tour of our little home, in the mean I'm off to find my Christmas spirit.