fresh air at last

dear friends, when I began this week  it was pouring with rain and I was feeling in such a deflated mood, maybe down to the constant barrage of down pours which kept us inside for the best part of three days (and ALL my crafting ideas were exhausted by day one!) or maybe because my camera was (and still is) on the brink of death (all but the picture taking button seem to be broken, which is probably down to the amount of sand poking through every gap in the buttons!) so I have no idea of the amount of  pictures I have on there and the thought of a digital spring clean makes me want to hide my camera in a very dark place  (how can you store a billion photos that are all equally precious in some kind of order?)

Or maybe my low mood was down to the insane amount of clutter I’m trying to figure out how to cleanse from my little life.  I’ve been (very) slowly clearing out our belongings in preparation for the house move and I’ve come to realise I am more of a hoarder than I thought. I mean,  do I really need to keep hold of sequin leggings and killer heels which have not been aired since circa 2010? Nope! but can I throw them away? not a chance! If anything I’m hoping they will be a welcome addition to a fancy dress box in a few years. So, for now, I’m going to leave that little can of worms in its rightful place, in suitcases, in the garage and hope that Big D doesn’t notice….

but now, at the end of the week  (hello Friday!) after some much needed sunshine and out door play and good old fresh air  I’m feeling back to normal and peaceful again even though I have a stinking head cold and I’m pretty certain my head just might explode from the internal pressure all this snot is causing….but before it does I must share some pictures from a beautiful afternoon we spent with friends (before they disappear into my digital black hole) exploring/ searching for dinosaurs/ trying to find the biggest stick and not poke anyone’s eye out….(it was a miracle!)


^^^I love all the green in this photo and the muddy feet^^^

DSC_0645^^^all the tree roots in the woods and the boys both had to claim ‘that one’^^^


^^^a dinosaur tail perhaps?^^^


^^^literally that morning Ralph had to rescued from his first tree climb^^^

DSC_0679^^^swords, wands, dinosaur prodders? who knows!^^^

DSC_0667^^^a rare moment of stillness^^^

DSC_0665^^^we left with muddy toes and very happy hearts^^^

Thank you, Miss Charlie for sharing the secret! and as for the weekend, what have you planned? We are off to the Salt markets tomorrow- I can’t wait (Big D would rather do anything else than visit another market with me but I’ve promised him he will like it!) and we’ve also managed to arrange a date night.  I can’t remember the last one we had so I best dash and go stick my head under a steam bath.

Happy weekend xxx


bye summer

Autumn, hello. I wish I could welcome you with your cooler mornings, shorter (ish) days and the looming thought of wearing warmer layers again with more gusto but I just can’t. Its official, I’m well and truly a summer girl, happiest in flowing frocks, morning swims chasing the waves, salty hair and ending the day with sandy toes watching the glorious sun set over the Indian Ocean. I haved loved this Summer so much (and have got so used to crazy hot days I now think anything under 30 degrees is slightly chilly!!!!) Continue reading

March One of thirty one

February, February where have you gone? Sorry I've been VERY absent! I don't know what's got into me but I'm definately thinking what you're thinking: “Geez how hard can it be to post a little update every once in a while?”

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new year: it’s all about me!

Well hello 2014 how I've been looking forward to seeing you. Not that 2013 was bad, it was the opposite . It was great and full of change which was probably why I decided to start mama loves vogue. I wanted to remember every experience, every up and down, every emotion so that I could look back and read old posts in years to come and see how much I've changed and grown (for the better, hopefully!) I'm so greatful that you take the time to read my ramblings and show me support via your comments, they truly make me smile.

My goals for 2014? To work on me. I love being a mama and Ralph rocks my world but I need to find my 'me' time again. My first 'me' time goal is that I really want to learn to paddle board but I'm going to have to get over my great white shark fear first. Does that count as two resolutions? I hope so, because I broke one already today by slurping my way through the most delicious Spanish hot chocolate I have ever tasted. Damn you clean eating resolution, what was I thinking?!

I hope Big D and I can laugh together every day and go on more frequent dates. I hope to stay in touch with all my UK friends and eventually get round to using my airmail paper to write long letters… i hope to make new friends here in Australia. I hope that each day will be more happy and fun then the last and that Ralph never stops being the utter dude that he's growing to be.

To a fabulous new year!







Last week in (mostly) pictures

Uh oh… The bikers are back, which means Big D & I are yet again hooked on all things SAMCRO (read: when I should have been updating my blog…tut tut!) Sons of Anarchy Season 6…oh my what an absolute treat in leather vests you are!

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Hello vogue mama

Hello Vogue mama







So, I guess now is as a good time as ever to start documenting what is set to be a life changer of a year for me, Big D & Paddy the pooch! It all started with a blue line and now we’re two weeks away from becoming parents to little pea. I have wanted to start my mama loves vogue blog for a while and am kicking myself for not doing so but what gave me the kick up the ass to get started is all the notes I jot down about things I see, or stuff I need to get, or books that I must read…..and then I go and lose that bit of paper! It drove me crazy as my memory is so bad! So I’m hoping by blogging I can keep track on life’s up and downs, twists, turns and treasure finds and we can look back at a later date and say “we really have got this far.”

I hope that my friends and family who I don’t get to see all that often can use this blog as a way of staying in my life when it’s near damn impossible to meet being squillions of miles away (you know who you are!)

So I hope you enjoy what you read and see and that whatever lies ahead we can share it with you!

Peace & love,
Vogue mama