bye summer

Autumn, hello. I wish I could welcome you with your cooler mornings, shorter (ish) days and the looming thought of wearing warmer layers again with more gusto but I just can’t. Its official, I’m well and truly a summer girl, happiest in flowing frocks, morning swims chasing the waves, salty hair and ending the day with sandy toes watching the glorious sun set over the Indian Ocean. I haved loved this Summer so much (and have got so used to crazy hot days I now think anything under 30 degrees is slightly chilly!!!!) Continue reading


10th January 2016

Today, my darling Ralph, you insisted on waking me super early in the morning by whispering “wake up now mummy” continuously in my face.  I love that you are so persistent and don’t give up even if you do have to drag me out of bed by my ankles…..

We woke up to an unusual grey summers day here in Perth but it was a nice break to take a morning walk along the beach without melting at 7:30 in the morning, which turns out is also the same time and place that all of Perth’s lycra wearing fitness addicts do their daily exercise. I happened to be the one counting all the ships/ surfers/ dogs at the top of my voice….


^^^I wish his jumper came in grown-up size (it’s from Children of the tribe and I may be a little obsessed…^^^ Continue reading

March One of thirty one

February, February where have you gone? Sorry I've been VERY absent! I don't know what's got into me but I'm definately thinking what you're thinking: “Geez how hard can it be to post a little update every once in a while?”

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The best things in life

Are the impromptu times when we spend the afternoon getting our toes sandy…..

A January blur….

Over the past couple of weeks, hot sunny days have been rolling into air conditioned nights, morning plays in the park have, at times, turned into all out Tonka truck wars (because Ralphs own Tonka truck is never as fabulous as the others, even if it's identical!) and we have lost way too many balls to count….

^^^Ralph decided being buried is the only way to stay cool at the beach^^^ Continue reading

A Perth Christmas

I hope you had the most marvellous Christmas break. We sure did, but why does it always have to zoom by so fast!? That is my only complaint, oh, AND a certain someone not making sure the video camera was set to go when Ralph wandered into the lounge and shrieked with glee when he spotted his brand spanking new kitchen, which was made from scratch by my very own elf, Big D. It was the best reaction and had both of us bursting with laughter and I wish we had it on camera! Continue reading

my everyday week (or two) 19/12/2014

What are your plans for the last weekend before christmas? I'm all set for some last minute christmas shopping and a whole lot of christmas baking whilst Big D is away on Rottnest Island. And on Sunday we are hosting our first annual christmas picnic (can it be called an annual thing if its the first, I'm not so sure but hey ho, I can call it whatever!)

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