Ralph is three

Happy birthday Ralph!

Three cycles around the sun and you continue growing before our eyes into such a beautiful soul every single day.


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A January blur….

Over the past couple of weeks, hot sunny days have been rolling into air conditioned nights, morning plays in the park have, at times, turned into all out Tonka truck wars (because Ralphs own Tonka truck is never as fabulous as the others, even if it's identical!) and we have lost way too many balls to count….

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A 4am blog post

Its been a long, long time since i've shared everyday week photos with you hasn't it?! to sum it up it's been a week of summery sunshine and early morning rain showers, waking up to bird song (sometimes liked, sometimes not depending on the time!) lots of baking, beautiful impromptu folk singing, washing lemon trees and coffee, always coffee. having a rubbish nights sleep allows for it. after being woken by Big D tossing and turning I admitted defeat that sleepy time wasn't coming back anytime soon, so at 2am I sloped off to the lounge with the goldfinch under my arm. It turns out my two boys must have been in restless sync as Ralph was awake for half the night too and boy do I NOT miss those nights! Fingers crossed it was a one-off I really don't want any more sleep free nights. I've had my share thank you very much!

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The tale of a screaming toddler

I'd kinda forgotten about the flies that come hand in hand with the start of Summery weather in Perth. You, along with everyone else in WA is constantly doing this wafty hand thing across your face to stop the suckers from invading your mouth, so you soon remember how annoying it can get! Plus you begin to think a hat with those dangly corks is a really GREAT idea…..

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My everyday week 15/06/2014

My week ended as all good weeks should with Big D running amok in the kitchen with a Gordon Ramsey cook book whilst I got to relax with a very large glass of white! FYI he made a delicious chicken and vegetable pie.

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A stroll in the park

Poor little Ralph has been feeling the effects of his new molars pushing through something rotten over the past few days. He's dribbling through his dribble bibs, has the nastiest case of nappy rash, (i even wince when changing him) and we've been trying every herbal remedy that we can get our mitts on to try and ease the dudes discomfort. And as for me, well I've been better and we shall leave that at that for now. I just keep telling myself this wont last forever and teething sucks. On repeat. For most of the day. And night.

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